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Session Fees.
Booking Process.
Insurance Coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions Offered (pricing inclusive of all fees)

  • Individual Sessions  

    • $140.00 per 50-minute session 

    • $190.00 per 70-minute session 

    • $230.00 per 90-minute session 

  • Partner Session

    • $140.00 per 50-minute session​ 

  • Brief Check-in *by telephone or video call

    • $40.00 per 15-minute session 

Fee Updates

Individual and Partner Session fees will increase by $10.00 for new clients in September 2024.

Example: $140.00 individual 50-minute session will increase to $150.00


Scheduling & Privacy

Sessions are available to adults (19 years+) residing within the province of British Columbia, Canada.


Bookings, invoicing and video sessions are provided through OWL Practice - a secure virtual counselling platform.

New to Bloom Therapy? Click here to read more about the therapy process and "welcome" experience. 

Please phone or e-mail to book your free fifteen minute telephone consultation.

OWL Practice 

  • PIPA/PIPEDA compliant

  • Canadian-based platform

  • Provides end to end encryption


Accepted payment methods include - credit card on file or e-money transfer.


Payment via e-transfer is due prior to the commencement of your session.


Credit card will be charged upon completion of your session.


Many private insurance companies, Employer's Employee Family Assistance Plans (EFAP) and Extended Health Care Plans offer coverage for counselling provided by a Registered Clinical Counsellor in British Columbia. 


Please confirm with your EFAP and/or Extended Health Benefits Plan to determine if you are eligible for coverage.

Receipts will be provided upon payment to submit for eligible reimbursements - including tax purposes. 


48-hour notice is required for cancellation or you will be required to provide full payment for your session. 

Exceptions will be made in case of emergency. 

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